Cuban Pioneers is a product, member and independent partner of Young Pioneer Tours, the first company to offer budget tours to North Korea and a whole other bunch of crazy off the wall destinations. As a member of YPT Group we are able to call on their best points and knowledge, whilst also bringing in our way of doing things from our experiences, eating, sleeping, living and breathing the Cuban way of life.

We are experts on Cuba, we live in Cuba, we have been coming here for 15 years and we are the only company that know the country inside out.


Our emphasis

Phrases like “ethical tourism”, and “socially responsible travel” are, in our minds, phrases that get bandied about far too much. Whilst in-country we use local staff, drivers and operators. We pay a decent wage and always do the best for our friends and business contacts in Cuba.

That being said we are not here to be moral policemen – our job and our emphasis is on YOU, the customers. We provide unparalleled access and interaction in the country. It is our job to give you the trip of a lifetime. At times we push the envelope in Cuba to show you some amazing things, not all of which we can advertise online. If you want adventure and interaction, we are your people.


Why us?

  • We are Cuban experts that have both western and Cuban staff living full time in the country. We live Cuba. We know Cuba.
  • Our company ONLY specialises in tours to Cuba.
  • We are part of the world famous YPT Group (Young Pioneer Tours), the unparalleled experts in adventure travel. Their expertise combined with ours makes us a formidable partnership.
  • We are fun! We use local guides, stay in local houses, and take you to places off the beaten track. It’s a fun party with the Pioneers!
  • The YPT group motto is “group tours for people who hate group tours”. Our groups are capped at 16 people. There’s no following of flags, and we give you ample optional free time to do some of your own exploring (we also always offer a group option).
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