Since Barack Obama and Raul Castro’s historic joint announcement in December 2014, relations between the United States and Cuba are now better than at any time since diplomatic ties were broken in January 1960. In August 2015, US Secretary of State John Kerry made a historic visit to Havana, officially re-opening the US Embassy, although the formal process of appointing an ambassador remains tied up in the approvals process in the US Congress, where not everyone is in favour of the thaw in relations.

Formerly it was quite difficult for US citizens and residents to come to Cuba, being actually illegal except for certain specially approved purposes. Now the US government has relaxed these restrictions, it is easier than ever to visit Cuba.

Travel to Cuba for USA citizens can be via a third country, typically through Toronto, Panama, Cancun or Mexico City, all of which have several daily flight connections with Havana. Alternatively, it is now easier than ever to book flights direct to Havana from Miami and New York.

Cuban Pioneers has experience in assisting US citizens and residents with travel to and within Cuba, having had many happy customers over the years. All our group tours can be booked for US citizens and we also organise private tours for US citizens on the same basis as other nationalities. Contact us for advice on flight booking and accommodation within Cuba.

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