From our base in Havana we are able to offer a number of additional services to make your stay in Cuba go as hassle free as possible.

Whilst it is quite easy to pick up a taxi from outside of Jose Marti International Airport (the price is CUC 25), in case you want something a little more special, or dare we say more “Cuban”, we can arrange a pickup and drop off to your hotel by a classic American car (or even an old Soviet limousine) from $50 upwards depending on the car you require, and how special you want it to be. Simply get in touch, for a quote.

Casa Particular

When traveling to Cuba most tourists opt to stay in private homes known as a Casa Particular, which tend not only to be cheaper, but also of a much higher quality than state run hotels. Alas there is still scant information about them online, and simply turning up can lead to you not staying in the best ones. At Cuban Pioneers we have agreements with a number of private homes throughout Cuba, that we not only highly recommend, but can book at a fraction of the cost of online agents such as AirBnB in Cuba. Simply contact us to get photos and a quote.

Private villa rental

If your budget extends slightly higher than staying in a casa, then in Cuba you have hit the jackpot, with their being a number of extremely high end villa’s (including staff, and swimming pools) for extremely good rates. Check out our link, for more details.

If you need translation done during your trip to Cuba, be it for business, pleasure, immigration, or in the worst case an emergency, then get in touch with us and one of our bilingual staff will be more than happy to assist you.

All visitors to Cuba require a Cuban Tourist Card, which works as your defacto visa into the country. These can often be purchased from your airline before departure, but if you would like to save the hassle, we will happily mail one to you for a small charge.

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