If you are looking to travel to Cuba, but our Cuban Group Tour dates don’t match your schedule, or you simply prefer something more personalized, then let us plan every element of your Cuban Adventure for you.

From our full time office in Havana our staff are excellently positioned to plan your Cuban trip to as much, or as little detail as you need, from VIP expertly led and planned trips, down to budget options where we simply plan logistics. Whatever you need we have it covered.

We have listed some of our most popular independent travel options, but if you can’t see exactly what you want get in touch and let us know exactly what you need.

Classic Cuba (1 week)

Cuba Mini-Break (4 days)

Communist Cuba (4 days)

Varadero Extension

If you are traveling independently to Cuba, but would like a day or two of doing something a bit more organized then we offer a number of great day trips from Havana that are highly adaptable to your needs and schedule.

Havana Architecture Tour – Our architecture day trip can be tailored specifically around the needs of you, depending on if your interests are based around old colonial Spanish architecture, Cuban designs, or our personal favourite Soviet stuff! Alternatively we can offer a mixed trip that takes in the lot.

Jewish Havana Tour – This day trip takes us to the three synagogues, the one Jewish cemetery, as well to have a meeting at the Havana Jewish Cultural Association.

Cuban Hemingway Tour – This day trip takes us to everyone that is important for Ernest Hemingway and his life in Cuba, including his house and museum, the hotel he lived at every bar (there are a lot) he allegedly frequented, who knows we may even be able to sneak in a daiquiri.

Pinar Del Rio Cigar Lovers Day Trip – We get up nice and early for the 3 hour drive to Pinar Del Rio, home of the best tobacco in the world, where we visit a tobacco plantation and watch some of the best cigars in the world being made. It is also possible to buy some to take away with us!

Communist and Cold War Day Tour – If you like Soviet kitsch, statues of Lenin, Russian built apartments, and Revolutionary squares then this is the Havana day trip for you! This is a whole day of the stuff us Pioneers love, with us even offering a meeting with a genuine Cuban Communist (if you fancy it)

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