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As with all our private tours, this is a suggested itinerary which can be customised to suit your interests, time and budget!

Day 1

  • Arrival Havana airport
  • Or - optional arrival at Varadero airport - flights are often much cheaper here!
  • Meet and greet at airport for transfer to Havana homestay
  • Check in to accommodation: Havana casa particular
  • Visit to Hotel Nacional to see Cuban Missile Crisis exhibition. You can visit the underground tunnels where Cuban soldiers watched for invading American ships and manned anti-aircraft gun positions
  • Dinner and drinks at one of Havana's top paladars (private restaurants)
  • For morning arrival, we can pack the afternoon with cool places to visit!
  • Day 2

  • Breakfast at homestay
  • Pickup in classic 1950s American convertible car for city tour (~2.5 hrs)
  • During the city tour, we'll stop at the Plaza de la Revolución (Revolution Square) where Fidel Castro gave many of his famous speeches in front of an audience of millions and location of the iconic sculpture of Che Guevara.
  • Spot the Palace of the Revolution -, headquarters of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, the seat of government.
  • We'll pass the Colon cemetery, the largest graveyard in the New World.
  • We'll visit the lush green forest park hidden in the valley of the Almendares River where many Cubans go to carry out rituals of the Santeria religion, a fusion between Catholicism and African traditional beliefs brought over with slavery.
  • We'll pass 5th Avenue in the exclusive Miramar district where many embassies are located.
  • We'll stop at a tree-lined park which is a great spot to take pictures with (or behind the wheel of) the beautiful 1950s car.
  • Head along Havana's iconic Malecón (sea wall), known as the 'sofa of the city'
  • Finish up at the newly reopened Capitolio, Cuba's national parliament, another landmark on the Havana skyline, where the National Assembly (half appointed by the Communist Party) meets to elect the President.
  • Lunch in Havana Vieja (Old Havana), the colonial zone of the city
  • Walking tour of Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Tour includes El Templete, the spot where Havana was founded nearly 500 years ago
  • View the outdoor display at the Museum of the Revolution showing the yacht Granma which Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and a small band of followers used to travel to Cuba to re-start the Cuban Revolution in 1956.
  • Walking tour continues as long as you wish, according to your interests and energy!
  • Return to accommodation
  • Dinner at one of Havana's top private restaurants. We suggest San Cristobal where Barack Obama ate during his visit to Havana.
  • Day 3

  • Breakfast at homestay
  • Collection from casa in private car
  • Head west out of Havana to visit the former Soviet embassy. This very large and imposing complex open only a few years before the collapse of the USSR and its influence on Cuba.
  • If time permits - quick cruise by Fidel Castro's house
  • Visit the Soviet Monument containing the remains of some 70+ soldiers who died on duty in Cuba. It's immaculately maintained but little visited, although both Putin and Medvedev have come to pay their respects here and the Ambassadors of some formerly Soviet countries come and lay wreaths on the anniversary of the end of the Great Patriotic War.
  • Drive by the former Soviet military headquarters, and adjacent former secret listening station. From here the Soviets did their best to keep an eye on radio traffic in and out of the USA just a short distance across the Florida Straits.
  • #Trip highlight# - visit the secret underground bunker where the Soviet nuclear warheads were kept in 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis. The USA was desperately searching for this facility - and had the CIA found it it's likely that Kennedy would have ordered an airdropped contingent of special forces to destroy the site, very likely triggering a nuclear war.
  • Onwards to Lenin Park - built as a large recreational facility on the edge of Havana in the 1970s and 80s, it's not much visited now but still well maintained. There's a huge bust of Lenin here.
  • Next stop is Lenin Hill (not any connection to Lenin Park). This was the first monument in the world erected to Lenin following his death in 1924, by the socialist Mayor of the suburb of Havana where it's located.
  • Outdoor exhibit of the Cuban Missile Crisis, showing real (but inert!) Soviet rockets from the period.
  • Final stop - statue of Jesus Cristo overlooking Havana. This has nothing to do with Communism but is a superb viewpoint to look over the city of Havana and on a clear day there's a great sunset.
  • Drop off at casa
  • Day 4

  • Breakfast at homestay.
  • Transfer to airport for departure.
  • In case of later departures we'll be happy to advise and help to arrange activities and visits during the day according to your interests.
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