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Che Guevara Revolutionary Tour 2017



Note – Cuba tours are run by UK-based Cuban Pioneers, and are not associated in any way with Young Pioneer Tours.

Join Cuban Pioneers for our second tour of the year to Cuba to celebrate with the Cuban people the quintessential person of the Cuban revolution, and symbol of revolutionary struggle around the world Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

Our trip starts in Old Havana, before we go off to the Bay of Pigs, the mausoleum of “Che”, where we not only see his final resting place, but the legendary train that he derailed, as well as take part in the celebrations of his life, before visiting Trinidad, after which we return to Havana, where we not only take in iconic places such as the revolutionary museum, but also continue with our Che based theme by visiting the San Carlos de la Cabana, where Che held his office (and allegedly shot people sentenced to execution), but also his home in the city.

For those familiar with YPT’s DPRK tours, we stick with the revolutionary theme of these, but also incorporating the much more relaxed environment that Cuba offers us by giving ample time for free exploration as well as providing a great chance to party the night away as much as you wish.

The tour is accompanied by YPT’s local representative and Cuban guide Roger, as well as one western guide, and our very own bus that will stay with us for the duration of the journey, meaning lots of flexibility and chances to get very off the beaten Cuba track.

Northing stays the same forever, and Cuba is changing rapidly day by day, so see it with YPT now!

Tour is priced at $795. As with all tours we can offer excellent discounts for YPT members, old customers, and group bookings.


Extension: Che Guevara Extension Tour


*Note tours to Cuba are run by Cuban Pioneers, not YPT Group LTD. Due to the current sanctions YPT Cuba LTD cannot accept payment by either Paypal, or MoneyBookers/Skrill*


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